Dwight Blevins

Dear Don

Congratulations! You did it!! I actually did watch your presentation all the way through, all 3 hours plus. Super job!

I do get the concept and agree totally with your conclusion that it is merely a mathematical thing. I've told Fred Coulter this for the last 15 to 20 years, and though I lacked and still lack the ability to explain the details, I've always known it to be true. That is, the postponements are there purely for mathematical reasons.....PERIOD!

I've always thought that the right person, with the right background could prove exactly how the calendar has been based on the patterns of the sevens, and have oft written of this fact. However, over time I've grown weary and frustrated with the challenge, and being fully convinced, even without being able to explain it, it was sufficient for me to simply know what you've proven has to be the truth of the matter.

I knew the numbers had to be there, but always lacked the necessary background and personal desire to work on the matter further. In simple terms, guess you could say that I'm burned out on the matter. That's okay for me, as for many years I did not personally need all the details of proof.

But, thank God, now, for those who do need the proof and period at the end of the sentence, you have provided it. It would literally take a college level semester, with you teaching the class, to be able to digest all this, but I do get the point, and even without your full knowledge, I can see that you have the answers, and that at the end of the day, your concepts have to be so.

For many years I have written that the cycle of the Trumpets declarations begins and ends with the Monday-Tuesday transition. I could see this on the symmetry of the circle pattern, and as you've explained, is also embedded in the sevens of the leap year cycles. In that sense, the first seven of the leap years is also a Tuesday pattern, flowing through until year 19, which is Monday, then starting over again at year 3 of the next cycle, with Tuesday. This is the pattern, though not often on those literal days, but that which the pattern pictures. That is, long-long-short-long-long-long-short (3323332). It begins with 3, C, or, as you said, TUESDAY, day 3 of the seven.There's probably even some sub-pattern hint of this natural sevens progression embedded in all first leap years of every Metonic which begin on Tuesday (just guessing). This somehow agrees with the 61% of mathematical adjustments to Tishri 1, and the 61 different patterns of the Metonic (?).

I have a background in Broadcast Engineering and from youth have loved the harmonics, cycles, patterns, frequencies, etc., so this is most interesting to me, and your presentation has helped a great deal to expand on some of the visuals I've been seeing in the many patterns of the CHC. I won't go into it now, but can see that you could likely answer a dozen or so questions that I've long had about some of the repetitive patterns that it seems nobody else is interested in.

The largest hurdle you will have is finding some way to convey this knowledge to the average brother or sister in the church. Even at the level of work I've been doing, 98% seemed to care less, and the other 2% were not able to understand what I was trying to convey. This was probably mostly due to my inability to explain it. You've gone well past my level, but this is the challenge to you. That is, how do you get the rest to understand the logical facts and truth, stopping all the silly arguments and objections to the CHC?

You do have the answers to the calendar question and should not cease in your effort to communicate this most valuable knowledge. A mountain lies ahead, my friend. May God grant you the faith and strength to scale her slopes.

I'm excited for you, Don. By the grace of God, a good work you have done!

Warm Regards,