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The Biblical Problem Solver, Don Roth

Don Roth – The Biblical Calendar Problem Solver

Don Roth the Biblical ResearcherDon Roth has always been a hard-working problem solver. He’ll be the first to admit taking on such a difficult problem as proving the FACTUAL Biblical Calendar could raise some question about his qualifications. He says, “God does not always do things the way we think they should be done, and by whom we may think would be capable of doing them. This work should be judged on its veracity alone.” Don’s life has been led by God to this very task.

Don has a strong background in engineering. He has twenty four years of experience as an engineer, working for 2 large corporations challenging him to solve problems of a great variety on a daily basis. He then spent the following sixteen years building his own successful machining business, also solving daily problems and enhancing his ability to research, learn, and try new things while building on with the old. With this background, his entire working life was spent solving problems and preparing him for the ultimate problem-solving task: A FACTUAL, TRACEABLE BIBLICAL CALENDAR.


More Motivation Behind This Biblical Calendar Proof

God’s Calendar and determination of time as told in JOB 38:4-7In 2007, Don Roth was challenged by a group who set their observation of God’s high day Sabbaths by the sighting of the first visible crescent of the new moon, rather than the traditional days known as the Hebrew Calculated Calendar which is set by the Jewish authorities. He really began to think about this. The traditional Holy Days he had been keeping for over 50 years were being challenged by a different set of days. He knew this was not something he was prepared to argue until he had time to truly think, research, and really be sure of the proof. The real question was could a FACTUAL Biblical Calendar proof be established for either of the two beliefs?

In the spring of 2008 the Midwestern United States experienced unprecedented flooding. The dramatic events of this flood caused Don Roth’s wheels to start spinning even more. After creating a special sermon based off of these events, Don decided to present a study of the Noachian flood. During this study, he found Noah had left a large amount of information giving dates and passages of times. He began documenting these passages of times and dates, and so began his 3+ years of research to factually and mathematically prove the true Biblical Calendar.

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